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Vicious Tiberius
Season 4, Episode 2
Vicious Tiberius
Air date October 1, 2006
Written by George Doty IV
Directed by Roger Christiansen
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Vicious Tiberius is the second episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh. It aired on October 1, 2006.


Drake and Josh volunteer to watch and take care of Mrs. Hayfer's house while she is on vacation; on the other hand, Walter is working out so that he can finally best his rival Bruce Winchill (which everyone finds funny). When Drake and Josh arrive at Mrs. Hayfer's house, they find the house to be beautiful until they run into a Rottweiler by the name of Tiberius.

Tiberius is proven to be a very violent Rottweiler and proceeds to chase Drake and Josh, until the brothers lock themselves in the bathroom, where they almost stay the entire Saturday night. Drake and Josh's cellphones are later done for when Josh's cellphone gets flushed down a toilet and Drake's cellphone is eaten by Tiberius, thus giving them a harder time. Megan later shows up at Mrs. Hayfer's house and when Drake and Josh think that Tiberius is going to eat her, they come out the bathroom to 'rescue' her; Tiberius happens to be calm when Megan is around. Drake and Josh tell Megan that if she's not around, Tiberius goes berserk and out of control; Megan seems to not care and leaves the house to make Drake and Josh suffer against the dangerous Rottweiler.

Once again, Drake and Josh lock themselves in the bathroom when Tiberius goes back to being angry again. Later, Josh really has to relieve himself. Drake tells him to just go pee in the toilet. Just when he begins to pee, an animal control man later shows up (because a neighbor called and told him about the "screaming girls", ironically referring to Drake and Josh) and Drake and Josh tells him about the dangerous Rottweiler, with the animal control man claiming that he's fearless of animals and has been controlling animals for 11 years. The animal control man then gets scared out of his wits when Tiberius shows up and runs into the bathroom, with Drake and Josh following suit. Drake and Josh then devise a plan to escape out of Mrs. Hayfer's house without getting killed by Tiberius, while the animal control man carves soap on the toilet. Drake and Josh run out the bathroom and run different directions to fool Tiberius into where to go; Josh runs into the kitchen and Drake dangles from a ceiling fan, with Tiberius barking up at him. Josh comes out the kitchen with a piece of ham and throws it out the window for Tiberius to chase after it. The brothers think they got rid of Tiberius, but the plan seems to have not work as Tiberius comes back in the house through an open door.

Becoming scared, Drake and Josh jump out the window and make a long run home. Successful in making it home, Drake and Josh decide to rest on the couch. Meanwhile, Walter goes to Mrs. Hayfer's house to look for Drake and Josh and find them gone; he then goes into the bathroom where he found the animal control man carved a bar of soap into the shape of a duck. Walter then sees Tiberius, who barks at him and starts to chase him; Walter becomes scared and runs out the house, with Tiberius still after him.


Drake: Man, did you see those teeth?!

Josh (pointing to lower part of body): Did you see the stain?! Man, what's this dog's problem?!

Drake: Its problem is it wants to eat us and we're in here! Mrs. Hayfer asks you to watch her house but doesn't mention her dog is homicidal?!

Josh: It's not on the list!

Drake: Hey, it stopped barking. Maybe it went into another room. Go outside and check!

Josh: No! I'm scared!

Drake (sarcastically): Oh, and I'm in here because I love hanging with you by a toilet.

Josh: Just go check.

Drake: All right! (begins to slowly turn the knob)

Josh: You just turn it.

Drake: I know how to work a knob!


  • The song Walter was singing while working out is "Highway to Nowhere" by Drake Bell.
  • If Tiberius acted violent around all male characters, and never acted the same way with Megan, it is mostly possible that he likes all girls/women, but hates all boys/men.
  • It is hinted from this episode that Drake is horrible at geography, but this could be pretty obvious since Drake does really bad at school.


  • In Honor Council, Josh said that Mrs. Hayfer's full name is "Alice Hayfer". But on the "Search for the Stars" video of Mrs. Hayfer, it says that her full name is "Linda Hayfer". "Alice" is possibly her middle name. 
  • In this episode, Drake flushes Josh's phone down the toilet and Tiberius destroys Drake's cell phone. However, in the next episode, "The Wedding", Drake intentionally drops his phone in a bowl of soup (he wanted to see if it could float) and Drake unknowingly gives Josh's phone to Craig and Eric. They possibly got new phones after this episode. 
  • When Drake and Josh are trying to get through the door, but the stick Josh was holding was blocking the way, the camera shows the front of them and when it does, the stick is at an angle. However, the camera cuts to the back of them and now, the stick is straight.

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