A signature on the Wikia is a thing to link to your user page, user talk, user blog, your contributions, etc. You can link them after your blogs (this is optional).

How to Make One

Step 1

Know what your signature is going to look like.

Step 2

When you know what your signature's going to look like, make a subpage. A subpage is a branch of your user page. For example:If you want a subpage about you, you name it "User:Gleek62442/About Me." But for now, let's name it "User:Gleek62442/Sig." Then click publish.

Step 3

Click edit and customize your signature. To customize your signature, follow this tutorial:


If you want to change the font color of your signature, type this code:
<span style="color:red">This text is red.</span>
If done correctly, it will turn out like this:
This text is red.

You can also use custom colors. Go here to find a color. Copy and paste the code of the colors. Also remember that the pound key # is important for the codes.


You can also change the background of the signature. The code and the HTML code is the same. Type this code in:
<span style="background-color:orange">This text is orange.</span>
If done correctly, it'll look like this:
This text is orange.


Fonts have also the same code, although not all fonts work. This website shows a list of HTML fonts that is safe to use in this Wiki. This is the code:
<span style="font-family:impact">This font is in impact.</span>
Then your result will be this:
This font is in impact.

Bold, Italics, and Underlining

To bold a text you put a text and type in three ' around it. It will turn out like this:
This text is in bold.

To italicizes, put in your text and type in two ' around it. It turns out like this:
This text is in italics.

To underline something, first write your text. Then before it, put in <u> and then put </u> after the text.

Strike through

To use strikethrough on your text, this is the coding you should use:

<del>This text has a line through it.</del>

So this is what your text will look like:

This text has a line through it.


This is the code to raise your text:

<sup>This text</sup> is raised.

It'll turn out like this:

This text is raised.

To lower your text, this is the code:

<sub>This text</sub> is lowered

It'll show up like this:

This text is lowered.


To have a single-line border around your text, this is what your coding should look like:

<span style="border:1px solid blue;">I want this text to have a blue border.</span>

It'll show up like this:

I want this text to have a blue border.

To have a double lined border, simply replace the word "solid" with "double."

For example:

<span style="border:3px double blue;">I want this text to have a double blue border.</span>

It'll show up like this:

I want this text to have a double blue border.

You can also replace the word "double" or "solid" with things like "dashed" and "dotted".

Step 4

Now you're done!...With the hard part! Click publish.

Step 5

Move your mouse to your profile. Then click Preferences.

Step 6

Scroll down a bit. Where a signature part shows up, click the custom signature box. Then type in "User:Gleek62442/Sig" or the name of your subpage.

And now you're done! And if you need to use your signature, type in 4 tildes (~) Hope this helped! Leave me your signature if it worked!

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