Thornton Locke
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: April 15, 1991
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Friends: Drake Parker (formerly)
Josh Nichols (formerly)
Relationships: Diane (ex-girlfriend)
Maria (ex-girlfriend)
Series Information
First appearance: Battle of Panthatar
Last appearance: Battle of Panthatar
Portrayed By: Jeff Braine

Thornton Locke is a popular boy who goes to Drake and Josh school. He invited them to his 16th birthday bash which will air on MTV live. This all changed when he saw Drake kissing his girlfriend, Maria at The Premiere.

He is a fan of The Beatles, in which Josh was forcing Drake to give him his autographed Abbey Road album, so they can go to his birthday party, an album of The Beatles, signed by all four, in which he said, that is the best birthday present he ever gotten. He takes the album and still doesn't welcome them into the party.

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