The Wedding
Season 4, Episode 3
Air date October 15, 2006
Written by Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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The Wedding is the third episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh. It aired on October 15, 2006.


Drake and Josh are asked to deliver a cake to their very old Great Aunt Catherine's wedding, in hope that the family can get her beach house when she dies. But after Drake gives Craig and Eric Josh's laptop case with Josh's cell phone and the car keys, they use Trevor's broken car to try and get to the wedding on time.

Their car breaks down on a deserted road. When Drake tries to make it work, the car sucks Josh's jacket and rips it completely. Drake forgets the keys in the car. When they leave for a few minutes, two cops give them a ticket for parking in a prohibited area.

Some time after, Drake and Josh spot two guys, but they end up robbing them. Soon, a man appears to tow the car. However, Drake pokes fun at his name, "Leslie", and he leaves them. As they are able to fix the car, and Leslie broke the window, they can drive it, but it catches on fire burning the cake as well. They leave to the wedding, presumably not getting the beach house.


  • Josh: Hey! Hey, guess what I found in the trunk?
  • Drake: Fried chicken?
  • Josh: No...
  • Craig: Women are crazy.
  • Eric: Yeah, that's why we don't have dates.
  • Drake: I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of reasons why you don't have a date.
  • Eric (defeated): We know.
  • Audrey: Ah, Drake, you don't eat a hot dog wearing a tuxedo.
  • Drake: This hot dog's not wearing a tuxedo.
  • Audrey: Ha-ha. Oh, Megan, could you zip up my dress please?
  • Megan: Sure. (Megan zips the dress)
  • Audrey: Thank you. Now let me fix your hair.
  • Megan: Eww. I don't want mom spit in my hair.
  • Audrey: Yes, you do.
  • Leslie: This oughta do the trick! (He breaks the car window)
  • Drake: We could've done that!
  • Leslie: Then why didn't you?! (Laughs)
  • Drake: Cross your fingers!
  • Josh: Oh I'm crossing everything I've got!
  • Drake: Is that an eagle?
  • Josh: I don't know. (Bird poo drops on Josh)
  • Drake: Uh you got a little bird poop -
  • Josh: I know!
  • Drake: So who's Leslie, your wife?
  • Leslie: No Leslie's my name. (Drake laughs) Something funny about that?
  • Drake: Yeah well Leslie's a girl name.
  • Drake: (After poking Josh with a coat hanger) Josh!
  • Josh: Thank you for puncturing my pupil!
  • Josh: (Looking into the toolbox) Ok we have a quarter, an ice tray and half a shoe.
  • Drake: (To two strangers) If you drive us to the nearest airport, I'll give you 75 bucks.
  • Josh: Oh and I have an extra 40!
  • Drake: Yeah that's almost 100 dollars!
  • Josh: You locked the keys in the car?
  • Drake: Don't hate me.
  • Josh: I don't hate you.
  • Leslie: I was named after my father, he was named after his father and they both fought together in wars.
  • Drake: Okay, all I'm saying is, I've dated 5 Leslies, all girls.
  • Leslie: Okay, uh, you know, I'll tell you what: you can rot in a sack for all I care. Goodbye.
  • Josh: No, please! Don't leave!
  • Leslie: Rot in a sack! (Leslie gets in his tow truck and leaves.)
  • Josh: Ya had to make fun of the man's name?!
  • Josh: Well. Good news is we're right near of NOTHING!
  • Drake: Ok how was I supposed to know Trevor's car would break down?
  • Josh: It was built in the 1970's! It has over 300,000 miles on it! Anyone with a 2nd grade education could have guessed it broke down.
  • Josh: Here. (hands Drake a rock)
  • Drake: What's this?
  • Josh: Big rock.
  • Drake: What do you want me to do with it?
  • Josh: Kill me!
  • Josh: Could you help us? We gotta get in time to a wedding, so-
  • Leslie: A wedding huh? Which one of you is the bride and which one of you is the groom? (Laughs)
  • Josh: Aunt Catherine is like ninety years old.
  • Drake: She is like ninety thousand years old!
  • Leslie: Looks like you guys need a tow. Luckily, I've got ten of 'em! (Laughs)
  • Drake: Ok give me your cell phone.
  • Josh: My cell phone was in my bag, which you gave to Craig and Eric! What, you don't have yours?
  • Drake: No, mine got ruined.
  • Josh: How did it get ruined?
  • Drake: You know...fell in a bowl of soup at school.
  • Josh: Who accidentally drops their phone into their soup?
  • Drake: It wasn't an accident, I wanted to see if it would float.
  • Josh: How do you get dressed by yourself?!
  • Josh: Drake and I have this Great Aunt Catherine.
  • Drake: Do you remember our great Aunt Cathy? No? Lucky you!
  • Josh: She's almost 90 years old.
  • Drake: She's like 90,000 years old.
  • Josh: She's not nice!
  • Drake: She is mean!(Drake gets closer to the screen) Mean to the bone!
  • Drake: The door is locked!
  • Drake: I'm gonna try to fix the motor
  • Josh: You can't fix a sandwich.
  • Drake: If you make fun of me one more time, I'm telling everyone we know that you named your favorite pillow Mr. Puff Puff.
  • Josh: I'm sorry if I offended you.


  • Walter Nichols wasn't seen in this episode, although he was mentioned waiting in the car
  • Trevor's car is a Chevrolet El Camino that was built in the 1970's.
  • Josh mentions that Eric doesn't have a cellphone because Papa Nichols threw it against the wall and broke it, a reference to The Demonator.
  • It's revealed by Josh that Craig's mother believes cell phones cause ear sores. 
  • Leslie the towtruck driver is played by actor E. E. Bell who played the recurring character Barney the Security Guard in the Amanda Show, another show Drake and Josh acted in before this series.  
  • The cop who lied about being married is played by Kevin Farley, who is the brother of the deceased stand up comedian Chris Farley.  
  • For the whole night, Drake and Josh were basically under a curse, meaning a multitude of bad events happened to them such as:
    • Giving Josh's laptop case to Craig and Eric, which contained his cell phone, and the key to Audrey's SUV.
    • Being stuck in the middle of nowhere when the engine malfunctions.
    • Josh losing his jacket when Drake attempted to start the car.
    • Getting locked out of Trevor's car.
    • Josh being hit with a big rock on his foot.
    • Just missing the police once they drove away.
    • Recieving a parking ticket, while they were not in the presence of the police.
    • Being mugged and pushed to the ground by two older men.
    • An eagle defacating on Josh while flying by (this is shown in the closing credits).
    • Finding a useless emergency kit.
    • Punching or hitting each other in the eye.
    • Leslie refusing to tow them to wedding after Drake insults him in regards to his name.
    • And finally, the car catching on fire in the end, as well as the wedding cake getting burnt.


  • Drake had a car, as revealed in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, but they don't even try to use it. However, in My Dinner with Bobo, Drake said that he lost his car, but it's unknown whether this happened before or after this episode.
  • When Drake talks about how he has to pee, Josh's hands are by his side. Then a camera view changes and Josh is playing with his watch.
  • In this episode, Drake accidentally gives Josh's phone to Craig and Eric and Drake says he put his phone in a bowl of soup, causing it to break. In the last episode, Drake flushes Josh's cell phone down the toilet and Mrs. Hayfer's dog destroys Drake's cell phone. They must have gotten new phones after that. 
  • If Josh left his cell phone in his laptop case, why couldn't he call his cell phone from their house and tell Eric that he needs the keys that are in the case? It is possible Josh's cell phone was turned off, therefore a phone call could not be made.
  • In the episode Movie Job, Drake doesn't seem to like ketchup on hot dogs. In this episode, he is seen about to put ketchup on a hot dog. He may have changed his mind about disliking it.
  • After Leslie breaks the window and Drake says, "Well, we could've done THAT!" the camera zooms out and glass is on the floor. Later, when the camera zooms out again, the glass is suddenly gone.
  • When Drake and Josh had to go to the bathroom, couldn't they have taken turns waiting by the car incase of any car jackers or just to wait for help?
  • Closed-captions spell "Laguna Niguel" as "Laguna Nigel". drake unlocks the car with the hanger but when the to truck comes they say they are locked out. Maybe drake locked them out again but he couldve just unlocked it again.
  • Audrey asks Megan to zip up her dress from the back, but when she is talking to Drake it can be clearly seen that her dress had no zip.
  • After Drake accidentally breaks Josh's foot with a rock, you can see that afterwards, the rock is nowhere to be seen and Josh is walking perfectly fine.
  • When the police car pulls out of the highway, you can see Josh in the far right side, not reacting to the car at all. However, in the very next shot, he and Drake are yelling and running after it.

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