The Storm
Season 4, Episode 8
The Storm
Air date January 7, 2007
Written by Dan Schneider
George Doty IV
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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The Storm is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh. It aired on January 7, 2007.


Josh buys a bus to take Drake, his band and their friends to their concert (Josh makes no further appearances in this episode), but Walter's inaccurate weather predictions cause an incoming storm to catch them by surprise. So, everyone stays at their house as the show was canceled. The lights eventually go out all over San Diego.

Megan reunites Drake's girlfriend, Carly, and his two ex-girlfriends, Lucy and Christine keep talking and laughing. This makes Drake nervous about the universe "exploding", and he tries to eavesdrop on them.

Gavin flirts with Audrey and Walter's angry boss, Mr. Galloway, forces him to do a forecasting, but he is left alone and two men rob him. As the crankable television breaks, everyone sings We Will Rock You (by Queen), ending the episode.


  • Band Guy: Where did you get a bus?
  • Josh:
  • Drake: (sees his girlfriend with two of his ex's, walks over) Hey Carlie!
  • Carly: Hey you!
  • Drake: Lucy, Christine
  • Lucy: How goes it Drake?
  • Drake: Well it's been...
  • Christine: Did you cut your hair different?
  • Lucy: Yeah he did, didn't he?
  • Drake: I gotta talk to Megan about the onion dip (pushes Megan into the kitchen)
  • Megan: Problem?
  • Drake: I told you to keep them apart!
  • Megan: I know.
  • Drake: Then what happened?
  • Megan: I got them all together.
  • Drake: You're an evil, evil little girl.
  • Megan: Hey, look who's catching on. (leaves)
  • Crazy Steve (watching Dora the Explorer): What kind of exploradora ARE you?
  • Drake: I think it's letting up. (Drake goes outside for a few seconds and comes back in soaking wet)
  • Drake: I got wet. (Thunder explodes)
  • Gary: This concert's not going to happen.
  • Crowd: Yeah, man. That thunder is scary!
  • Drake: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on! Come on! We still have a lot of time before the concert starts and Walter promised this storm would blow over! Now if we could...

(Thunder explodes again and electricity goes completely out)

  • Drake: Oh, Walter.
  • Audrey (Watching thugs harass Walter on T.V.): Why doesn't someone help him?!

  • Drake: (to band member) You were two beats behind the whole song, (to another band member) You were playing an A minor, not an A7, (to drummer) and you, dude, you're wearing a woman's shirt.
  • Gary: It's called a blouse. It's my sister's, Okay. All my clothes were dirty.
  • Drake: Why is there a tattoo of a foot on your chest?
  • Gary: ... I don't know!
  • Gavin: What up with your hair?
  • Walter: What up with yours?
  • Gavin: "Touche".
  • Walter: It's touché.
  • Helen: Alright, let's give it up for the young musician Drake Parker, and his band whose names I do not know! (Drake and his band walk in, followed by Megan)
  • Megan: Hey! Is that my shirt?
  • Drake: Yea.
  • Gary: It fits me nicely.
  • Megan: Why didn't you let him borrow one of your shirts?
  • Drake: Because he wanted one with a panda on it.
  • Megan: Just burn it after he's done with it.
  • Craig (cranking the T.V.): My arm's tired -- I need a break.
  • Gavin: Hey Drake.
  • Drake: Sup Gavin.
  • Gavin: Your mom is hot.
  • Drake: DUDE!
  • Gavin: How tall is she like 5'2? 5'10?
  • Drake: I'll measure her and let you know.
  • Gavin: Don't forget.
  • Band Member: Do you have any sunblock?
  • Drake: What?!?!
  • Band Member: Were playing outside.
  • Drake: At night!
  • Band member: You just dont want to share your sun block.
  • Drake: (grabbing Craig) You're a nerd! You tell me how to stop the rain!
  • Craig: You can't.
  • Drake: Don't say can't! The rain's gotta stop!
  • Craig: Hold on a minute. Let me get the rain fairy on the phone.
  • Guest: Drake, it's drizzling outside.
  • Drake: What do you mean drizzling?!?!
  • Megan: It means a light rain.
  • Drake: I know what drizzle means!


  • This is the first (and only) episode where Drake and Josh's house is the only setting.
  • Josh gets a bus for the band. He mentions he got the bus from, which redirects to
  • Walter thinks the word touché is pronounced "toosh". He made the same mistake in the episode "Driver's License".
  • Drake has a different band in every season.
  • Josh only appeared in the first scene of this episode, speaking only 110 words, marking his most minor appearance in any episode to date. this is the only episode Josh is kind of absent and not seen making Drake the only character without him it's because he's at the park and was unable to come home as he was stuck there all night during the rainstorm. Josh is mentioned a few times by Drake talking to him on the phone and Craig and Eric mentioning him about his limeade he made.
  • Drake mentions "Spin City Records" and Gavin mentions "B.F. Wangs", which is a parody of P.F. Chang's.
  • At the end of the episode, everyone sings "We Will Rock You". However, in some DVD versions everyone sings "Let's Get This Party Started".
    • All international airings outside the US also had "Let's Get This Part Started" instead of "We Will Rock You", presumably due to rights issues.
  • Crazy Steve watches a "Dora The Explorer" episode called, "Louder!".
  • Megan puts Drake's girlfriend and two ex-girlfriends together, against his wishes. This is presumably her revenge on Drake for giving Gary (his drummer) one of her shirts without her permission earlier in the episode.
  • Even though Josh is a minor character not seen in this episode, there are absolutely no episodes of Drake being a minor character at all. He's always been seen.


  • Mr. Galloway was obviously angry at Walter for his wrong weather predictions. But still it should be noted that he had put an employee weatherman's health at risk by making Walter stand outside in the pouring rain and do a live broadcast. Walter could have easily gotten sick with flu or an awful case of pneumonia.
  • Audrey was obviously in a state of confusion because of the fact that the roof leaking meant that she would pay a lot to get the ceiling fixed. But still it should be noted she almost put Drake's life at risk by trying to make Drake go up to the roof to fix the leak in the middle of a storm as he could have been badly injured or even died trying to do so but if Eric was on the roof then why didn't that happen to him too?
  • The party was Josh throwing it as a surprise for Drake and his band but when Drake was talking to Eric about his ex girlfriends being at the party, Drake said that shouldn't have happened because he invited Carly to the party. How did Drake invite Carly if the party was a surprise?
  • Megan finds a leak in the house roof, Audrey tells Drake that there's a tarp in the garage and tells him to go and fix it but instead he asks Eric to do it, Drake tells him that his mom wants Eric to go up on the roof to fix the leak but Audrey actually asks him and wanted Drake to do it not Eric but when Eric is seen hanging from outside the window, Audrey could've asked Drake why Eric is on the roof doing Drake's job fixing the leak.
  • If it's raining outside and the concert is cancelled with the whole stage underwater Drake mentioned, then why didn't Josh come home during the night if it was raining and where would he have stayed if he wasn't able to come home?