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The Premiere is a mall movie theater where Josh Nichols, and formerly Drake Parker, works. The Premiere was formally run by Helen, who favors Drake, but hates Josh. The theater has 6 movie screens, a food stall, and 2 restrooms. There are several employees shown at the theater. Many are first seen in the "Movie Job" episode. This is the place that Drake and Josh and their friends hang out in. These include: Josh himself, Gavin, a quite mysterious guy, and "Crazy" Steve. Steve got his title, because he appears to scream at almost every customer at the theater and sometimes, does somewhat disgusting or creepy stuff. In "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh" The Premiere is shown to be a lot larger than it looks. And it was the first time it showed anyone on the roof. Also, Instead of walls on all sides, on one side it's a shopping mall (or cineplex), and it looks as though it's on the highest floor of a building, and the outside is totally different.

It is revealed that the previous owner, Helen, leaves her job at the Premiere and goes to work at Hollywood Arts on the show Victorious, also created by Dan Schneider. It is unknown who runs the theater after Helen's departure, but it is possible that the job goes to either "Crazy" Steve or Josh.

The word "Now She's Carly"could have meant that they were taping iCarly at that time.

On the right of the Premiere, you see a bakery called "Schneider's Bakery" which could be a reference to Dan Schneider and his company.

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