The show is known for its many recurring signature gags, running from action to catchphrases.

Drake Parker



Drake has many girlfriends throughout the series. Most of his relationships doesn't last more than one episode.

Craig and Eric

Drake calls Eric Craig and Craig, Eric.

Mrs. Hayfer

They often talk to each other like:

  • Mrs. Hayfer: I hate you.
  • Drake: I know.


Jackie is a girl obsessed with Drake. She would come into the scene randomly (specifically when something positive happens to Drake), and shout hysterically , "I love you! Bye!" Whenever she would appear randomly and says:

  • Jackie: I love you! [Kisses Drake] Bye!
  • Drake: Who's she?

Josh Nichols


The Oprahs Winfrey Show

Josh is obcessed with Oprah Winfrey always trying to get in shows and such. He also has photos, magazines and a cutout showing her.


Josh in the first couple of season was considerably fat.

"Hug me, brother!"

When good things happen, Josh and/or Drake say, "Hug me, brother!" and hug.

His big head

Many characters on the show have all agreed that Josh has a big head.

Walter Nichols



Walter frequently gets the weather wrong, which causes people laugh at him.

Bruce Winchill

He hates Bruce's popularity. Walter told everyone not to mention him in the house. Audrey and Megan constantly bring up Bruce's hair and how fluffy it is.

"When did she start calling me Walter?"

Walter asks that whenever Megan calls him Walter. (Drake also calls Walter by his first name, but Walter never asks why Drake does it.)

Megan Parker



Drake and Josh are called "boobs" by Megan, as a insult.


She plays crazy pranks on Josh and Drake.


Audrey and Walter always think Megan is a good girl.

Mindy Crenshaw

Science Fair

In her first couple of appearances Mindy can't stop mentioning that she beat Josh at the science fair.


Mindy and Drake hate each other.


Josh and Mindy have an academic rivary.

Mrs. Hayfer

"To the Nurse!"

When Mrs. Hayfer wants someone to leave the classroom, she yells "To the Nurse!".



No one can understand what he says.

Craig and Eric

Eric being mistaken as Craig

There a few occasions where Eric is mistaken for being Craig, mainly from Drake.