Papa Nichols
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 81
Hair Color: Gray/White
Birthday: November 12, 1924
Occupation(s): World War II General (formerly)
Family & Friends
Family: Catherine Nichols (sister)
Grammy Nichols (daughter)
Walter Nichols (grandson)
Josh Nichols (great-grandson)
Drake Parker (step great-grandson)
Megan Parker (step great-granddaughter)
Audrey Parker-Nichols (granddaughter-in-law)
Series Information
First appearance: The Demonator
Last appearance: The Demonator
Portrayed By: Vernon Roberts

Papa Nichols was a former World War II Sergeant who only appeared in The Demonator. He is 81-years-old. He is the father of Grammy Nichols and brother of Catherine Nichols. He is also the grandfather of Walter Nichols. During the episode The Demonator, Drake and Josh were asked by their parents to watch over Papa Nichols while they were away (Papa Nichols was recovering from surgery at the time). However, instead, Drake and Josh went out to ride the new roller coaster: "The Demonator" and asked Craig and Eric to do the task for them. After having been persuaded, Craig and Eric agreed to watch him. While Drake, Josh and Megan were out, Craig and Eric were surprised to see Papa Nichols wake up. Having woken up, Papa Nichols believed he was still a soldier in World War II and that Craig and Eric were Nazi soldiers that had captured him. This results in Papa Nichols constantly trying to hurt them in many ways, from throwing Craig out of a window to breaking Eric's cell phone by throwing it against a wall. At the end of the episode, he even confuses his grandson (Walter) for a Nazi soldier.

He is later mentioned in The Wedding, when Josh tells Drake that they can't call Eric on his cellphone because Papa Nichols broke it.

His most common phrase is "USA! USA! USA!", referring to his war days.