Paging Dr. Drake
Season 3, Episode 8
Air date October 1, 2005
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Paging Dr. Drake is the eighth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on October 1, 2005.


Josh accidentally drops a barbell on his foot (after being shot with a potato by Drake) but is initially afraid to go to a hospital. When the family finally forces him to get checked out, it's revealed that Josh will have to get surgery done on his foot in order to recover. While the family is at the hospital, Drake notices all the attractive female nurses working and interning at the hospital, but Josh quickly points out that most of those women are probably in their twenties and wouldn't want to go out with a guy who's still in high school. Realizing that Josh is right, Drake decides to pretend to be a doctor in order to get their attention (and he does manage to score some of their phone numbers).

While Drake's under his disguise as a doctor, Josh's doctor, Dr. Carlson, mistakes Drake for the famed Dr. Elliot Nussbaum, the youngest person to ever graduate from Harvard Medical School (at only thirteen years old). The actual Dr. Nussbaum is scheduled to arrive at the hospital sometime that day, and Dr. Carlson, not realizing that Drake isn't Dr. Nussbaum, asks him to perform surgery in front of the nurses and some other workers at the hospital to demonstrate his superior abilities. Drake is stuck with no other options, and Josh takes it upon himself to rescue Drake from his predicament. Drake almost goes through with the surgery until Josh comes into the operating room disguised as another--his alias being "Dr. Vichyssoise." Drake and Josh initiate an argument that distracts everyone else enough to enable the brothers to escape, and they manage to get back to Josh's room so Josh can get back into his hospital bed.

However, Drake is caught by Dr. Carlson and the actual Dr. Nussbaum, and just before Drake can be arrested and sent to jail for impersonating a doctor, Drake jumps out the window of Josh's room (and breaks his arm in the process).

In the subplot, Megan is complaining about how cold it is upstairs, and tries to raise the thermostat, which is in Drake and Josh's room, but they refuse to raise the temperature, and claim that they like it cold. Megan gets revenge on them by changing the location of the thermostat and making it so cold in Drake and Josh's room that it actually starts to snow.


Josh: I'm outta here! (tries to wheel away on his wheelchair, but Walter pulls him back, as he pouts)

Josh: (using his Vichyssoise accent) I'm sorry I kissed your wife.

Drake: (accent) How was she?

Josh: Oh, excellent!


Drake: Wow, great! So, foot surgery, huh? What are we talking about here, an ingrown toenail or something?

Dr. Carlson: (chuckles) Oh.. no. This patient requires major reconstruction to the foot.

Drake: Major?

Dr. Carlson: Yes, she got that right foot caught in a food processor.

Drake: What was she making?

Dr. Carlson: I don't know, but boy, it makes you sick, doesn't it?

Dr. Carlson: Well, shall we, scrub up?

Drake: Oh, umm, cool. I took a shower last night.

(everyone laughing)

Dr. Carlson: My god, man! You are a joke machine!

Drake: (sarcastically) Yeah.


  • John O'Hurley guest starred as Dr. Carlson, Josh's doctor.
  • The voice from Josh's training video belongs to Dan Schneider.
  • As clearly mentioned in this episode, it is illegal to impersonate a doctor.
  • The hospital Josh was sent to was called St. Schneider's, which was named after Dan Schneider.
  • Drake had a blue cast on his right arm and Josh had a red cast on left leg. These are the same bones that Freddie when he got hit by a taco truck in the iCarly episode, "iSaved Your Life" and his casts were respectively the same colors as well.
  • Josh names himself Dr. Vichyssoise; as Josh himself points out, vichyssoise is actually a type of soup.
    • Specifically, it's made from pureed leeks, potatoes, onions, cream and chicken stock, and while it's traditionally served cold, it can be served hot as well.
    • This episode is quite similar to an episode of "Danny Phantom" titled "Doctor's Disorders" when Tucker Foley was terrified of going to hospitals.


  • Walter wouldn't have been able to give Josh his laptop because personal electronics like laptops and cellphones usually aren't allowed in hospitals.
  • At the end of the episode, Drake and Josh soon come to realize that they don't like what Megan's done to their thermostat. However, if Drake and Josh was to just tell their parents about this, then Megan could probably get in trouble this time, because Audrey even saw her in their room.
  • Megan spills the beans on Josh's foot when their parents notice his strange behavior. How did she find out if she wasn't even in the room when it happened?
    • She may have been spying on them with her monitors that display all rooms of the house, and therefore she finds out. Otherwise, she could've been eavesdropping.
  • If Drake had actually been arrested for impersonating a doctor, he could've easily faced up to ten to twenty years in prison (assuming that he'd get tried as an adult).
  • Drake was described as the look-alike of Dr. Nussbaum, the doctor whom he was impersonating. However, when Nussbaum makes his appearance, it is clearly obvious that they look nothing alike.
  • If you look real closely at the beginning of the episode, when Josh drops the barbell, the barbell doesn't hit his foot. He lifts his foot up just moments before the barbell hits the ground.
  • When Josh uses the cane to kill the bug on the wall, you can see closely that the bug looks like it's still alive but when Josh falls on the floor and his parents help him to the living room chair, the bug is gone.