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Season 1

  • Pilot: Drake and Josh introduces themself.
  • Dune Buggy: Josh complains about how Drake always get away with everything while Drake eats cake with his hands, drinks milk straight from the carton, and wipes his hands on the curtains.
  • Believe Me, Brother: Drake is dating a girl named Susan.
  • Two Idiots and a Baby: Drake thinks Josh should cut loose and have more fun while Josh thinks Drake should be more responsible.
  • First Crush: Drake has a skill for talking to girls, but Josh doesn't
  • Grammy: Drake and Josh think that Audrey and Walter baby them despite being fifteen years old.

Season 2

  • The Bet: Drake and Josh talk about bets they did.
  • Guitar: Drake nudged Josh complain about each other's sleeping habits.
  • Movie Job: Josh loves doing work, but Drake doesn't.
  • Football: Drake loves music and Josh loves cheese.
  • Pool Shark: Drake hates how Audrey and Walter want him and Josh to spend time together, but Josh loves it so when he asks Drake if he wanted to take a cooking class together, Drake tries to convince Josh that he moved to Australia.
  • Smart Girl: Drake talks about how Josh does really well in school and Josh talks about how Drake does really well at everything but school.

Season 3

Season 4

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