Number 1 Fan
Season 2, Episode 10
Number 1 Fan
Air date September 19, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Number 1 Fan is the tenth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It aired on September 19, 2004.


Drake and Josh say that they love kids. Josh remembers Paulo, a Portuguese boy whom he was a math tutor. Paulo hit Josh's eye with a golf club. Drake tells the viewers the time he took kids to go karting, though he was supposed to take them to the museum.

Josh is helping Walter to take care of Megan's campfire troop. However, Walter gives up when the kids tie him to a chair, leaving Josh as the head of the group. One of Megan's friends, Wendy, asks for Drake. He eventually comes in to tell Josh he will be playing on radio.

Sometime after, Drake is playing his guitar at his room. Wendy interrupts him. She tells him who she is, and asks for an autograph. Drake does so and gives her his pick, and Wendy says that her dream is Drake playing a song for her. Josh tells Wendy her mom is waiting, and she leaves.

At The Premiere, Josh is teaching the kids about orientation in a forest, but nobody seems interested. Drake is there too, having snacks with his girlfriend, Larissa. Wendy is angry at that, and goes to their table and affront her.

Back at their home, Drake shows Josh Wendy's notebook and outgoing message, proving that she is obsessed with him. Josh tells him he doesn't need to worry about that. However, Wendy climbs to their window to give Drake a jar of pickles and a marriage proposal.

The next day, Drake is going to tell Wendy to give him a break. She is already at their house to show Drake the t-shirts she made with his photo. At the school, there are dozens of posters on his classroom of Drake being on the radio, and people poke fun at him.

When the campfire troop reunites at his house, Drake scolds Wendy and tells her he doesn't want to see her again. Megan traps Josh inside the tent, and makes a party with the other scouts but Wendy, who is really sad. Drake goes to the radio station, but he doesn't have a guitar pick. He finds a note that Wendy wrote, saying she will not bother him any longer, and giving his guitar pick back. A woman, or "his conscience" tells him to look for her and fix it.

Drake cancels his appearance on the radio to play his guitar and sing a song, Down We Fall[1], for Wendy. Then, he takes the kids to the Chuck E. Cheddar's, but leaves Josh in the tent.




  • While at the studio, Drake has a 12-string guitar. However, after he cancels his radio performance and returns home to play a song for Wendy, his guitar turns into a 6-string guitar.

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