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Megan's New Teacher
Season 3, Episode 12
Air date January 28, 2006
Written by George Doty IV
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Megan's New Teacher is the twelfth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on January 28, 2006.


After being accepted into the TTT, a student-teaching group, Josh becomes Megan's class teacher for a week, and he 'challenges' the students with college-level chemistry, even failing them on pop quizzes they never studied for. Because of this, Megan becomes disliked by her classmates. Drake finds an 11-year-old boy with a talent to play drums and wants him to play for the band on Friday after his drummer quit, but he is not allowed to play after failing one of Josh's pop quizzes. Drake and Megan hatch a plan to fire Josh from the student-teaching group.



  • Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker and Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols didn't appear in this episode.
  • Megan asks Josh to give her 'Pentendo GS', which is a parody of Nintendo DS. Even though it actually resembles a Game Boy Advance SP.
  • Megan and Drake are on the same side for the third time in the series.
  • Tara Lynne Barr guest starred as Katie and Ridge Canipe guest starred as Neil.
  • In one scene where Drake, Josh and Megan are at the premiere, Drake is wearing an England Rugby Jersey with the O2 Logo on the front.


  • When the kids in Megan's class gives a trophy to Josh, Josh reads the note "To Mr. Nichols our favorite teacher", but when Josh says the kids thought they didn't like him, the kids says they only hate him as a teacher, which is unknown why they said that Josh was their favorite teacher, when after that they said that they only hated him as a teacher. Though, their previous teachers, they probably hated as a teacher and a person. 
  • Josh possibly ignored the rules of the TTT, as he challenged the students with College Level Sceince while they were in the 5th Grade, hinting that he was supposed to use 5th Grade textbooks but he didn't want to.
  • When Drake and Megan break into the school at night, there probably should have been some form of security.
  • How did the kids give Josh a trophy in the counter if Helen told him he had to park cars?
  • Why exactly would a broken faucet count against Josh? It's clear he didn't do it on purpose.
  • It wasn't really Megan's fault that Josh was a bad teacher so her friends shouldn't blame her for Josh's actions just because he is her step-brother.
  • How could anyone mistake an Albert Einstein costume for a hobo? It can be likely that the clothes were poorly made.
  • It is a wonder as to how Megan was unable to finish Josh's homework, or pass the quiz, when she has been shown to be very smart on numerous occasions.


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