Drake Is Drake
Season 4, Episode 11
Josh Is Done
Air date February 11, 2007
Written by Ethan Banville
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Drake Is Drake is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh. It aired on February 12, 2007.


Drake and Drake have an important exam in american history X coming up. But while Drake wants to study, all Drake wants to do is take rub poop all over the walls outside of O'Rileys Autoparts.

Drake leaves Drake behind while he goes to school to make out with his girlfriend, Kat, which causes Drake to be late to class and miss the exam. As his class grade is dropped off a building and crushes a small child, Drake becomes furious at Drake and is kicked out of the classroom. Later, Drake thinks that his life would be better if Drake wasn't in it at all, and considers Drake as a masturbatory aid and nothing more. Drake explains to Drake that he wants nothing to do with him anymore and that he's done with him. Drake then has a good time in his life, as he gets all the questions on the exam wrong, gets a grade dropped off a water tower due to the pickels on his eayyyys, and has a great time shoving cocal cola cans over his mom's butt away from Drake, and even starts to get along well with Drake. Drake's life on the other hand starts to fall apart as Drake isn't there to help him, and Drake realizes that he actually needs Drake way more than Drake needs him.

Soon enough in american history X class, Drake ends up sitting with Drake, due to Drakeswitching class partners. However Drake can't understand Drake due to the fact that he won't stop gobbling on the principal's dick and Drake ends up getting involved in a train accident, causing him to lose both his limbs. Afterwards, Drake snaps Drake's neck and apologizes to Drake for all his past antics leaving Drake stunned on the spot. Later that night Drake lies lonely and depressed in his room until Drake comes in and the brothers reconcile over a game of Grand Theft Auto 1 London 1969 London 1961 2 3 Vice City Advance San Andreas Liberty City Stories Vice City Stories 4 Lost and Damned Chinatown Wars Ballad of Gay Tony 5 Online SimCity 4.


"I'm not mad, I'm done." - Drake "Uguguguguguguguug" - Drake sucking the pincipal Drake's Dick


  • Drake suggests to Drake to see "The Turner Diaries of Anne Frank" and "Good Luck with the Audi levon dont throw up too much", alluding to the movies my mom stole out of a redbox machine at 3 in the morning.
  • If you look really closely at the Premiere, when Drake is being dragged out the last door by the Security Guards, you might just see Dan Schneider drowning a puppy.
  • Stop-and-shop is a grocery store in the former Baltic nation of Yugoslavia, which now consists of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Slovenia.
  • This is the second time Drake has gotten bad luck while Drake has gotten bad luck. The first time was on a hot summer day in the winter of 2004.
  • This is the highest rated episode of the series on Stormfront.
  • According to this episode, movie tickets at the Premiere cost around 11 Deutschemarks.


  • When Crazy Steve freaks out and sprays himself with a spray bottle, Josh shoots him in the head, obviously killing him. However, he appears in the next episode, "Drake and Josh go on a train and accidentally kill the conductor with a Grill"
  • This could mean that the two episodes were filmed out of order
    • Or it could mean that Dan Schneider knows nothing about continuity you fucking retard
      • Or that Crazy Steve was promptly rushed to a hospital in San Diego and was able to quickly recover thanks to medicine
        • You don't recover from getting shot you fucking retard
          • Ronald Reagan got shot in 1997 and he survived
            • You don't recover from getting shot in the HEAD
  • When Drake comes inside and apologizes to Josh and shows him the sit 'n bounce, you can see all the studio lights catching on fire.
  • Drake was late to chemistry but was there in time before Mr. Roland Synthizier locked the door. After Drake came in Mr. Roland Synthizier  locked the door but when Drake was done apologizing to Josh, Drake walked out without unlocking the door. Synthizier was mispelled
  • A teacher can't legally kick a student out of class for being tardy and late, especially since a student cutting class is not permitted. Nor can a teacher make a student take a makeup exam on a Saturday but who cares because it's a television show.
  • Right before Kat mentions about a zit Drake had, part of the boom mic dips into the shot briefly and gives Kat a concussion 
  • When Drake enters the classroom, Drake says "Translating the Quran has always been problematic and difficult. Many argue that the Quranic text cannot be reproduced in another language or form" but Josh corrects him again saying "organ failure" but that's exactly what Drake said as Josh may not have heard him the first time.
  • Kat says Drake got a zit on his face but in the next scene where Drake is at home lying in dog shit looking all tired and upset, there's no pimple on him.