Season 4, Episode 19
Drake & Josh Helicopter
Air date August 5, 2007
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Helicopter is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh. It aired on August 5, 2007.


Drake and Josh begin to talk about their different opinions about listening to their parents to their respective audience, until an apparently stupid guy named Dave comes out of nowhere with his new webcam and ruins their chat. They try to keep talking, but when Dave begins brushing his teeth in front of his cam, they angrily bail. At the Premiere, after Josh tells the movie-goers that the 9 o'clock showing of a movie called Helicopper is opening, Drake asks Josh for two free tickets to see the movie. He wants two free tickets so that he can take a girl. Josh refuses, saying that Drake has to learn how life is not a free ride, so Drake reluctantly ends up having to buy tickets. A few girls let Drake cut in front of them and when Drake asks for 2 tickets, he inadvertently ends up becoming the 100th person to buy 2 tickets to see Helicopper. Drake wins two free tickets and a free trip aboard a real helicopter and a free skydiving lesson. Josh is angry and jealous about how Drake gets everything good, but when Leah tries to tell Josh that good things happen to him too, Josh refuses to believe her, and for good reason; he learns from police that his red 12-speed bike is on fire and faints in dismay.

At home, Walter and Audrey overhear Drake telling his date about the skydiving trip. Thinking that skydiving may be too dangerous for Drake, they refuse to let him do it, angering him so much that he throws the rib that Josh is eating down to the ground. Josh rinses it off. Next morning, Josh comes in the kitchen to drink some juice and finds Audrey boiling some underwear in a saucepan. Josh asks Audrey what she was doing, and Audrey tells him that Walter had wanted to save money, so he bought a bunch of secondhand underwear online and she thought it was gross and disgusting, so she was boiling them. Audrey then tells Josh that he thought he was at the water park with Drake. Josh realizes that Drake told Audrey that he was going to the water park when instead, he was sneaking off to the Heliport. Josh tells Audrey that he forgot about the trip to the water park, and runs away after Drake. Audrey leaves so that she can smash a bug in Megan's shower. Walter stumbles upon the boiling underwear. He doesn't know that the underwear is in there, so he starts drinking the water, but when he sees his underwear in it, he passes out in dismay. Josh finds Drake about to start his skydiving lesson and begs Drake not to go skydive. Drake says he won't jump out. Josh tells him that they were going to the water park, but Drake tells him that Audrey and Walter told him that he couldn't skydive, but they didn't say he couldn't ride the helicopter. Then, the pilot, Vince, invites Josh to come too. Josh agrees, but when they reach 7,000 feet in the air, they run into a bird that Josh claims is extremely intelligent. Drake then prepares to jump out of the helicopter with the parachute. Josh tries to stop him, but they fight over the parachute, so Vince sets the chopper on automatic pilot and tries to break up the fight. However, he ends up hitting his head on the fire extinguisher and gets knocked unconscious by the blow. Drake and Josh are stranded 7,000 feet in the air with no knowledge of how to fly or land the chopper.

Josh believes they will die. Drake tells him firmly that they won't die. They slap Vince awake to revive him, and when they do, Vince asks him what he hit his head on. Josh shows him the dent in the fire extinguisher where he hit his head, but then accidentally sprays Vince out of the helicopter, while he was holding onto the parachute that Drake and Josh had been fighting over earlier. In their panic and shock of having no pilot, Josh suggests that they call the control tower for help but initially get nothing but static. As they wait for a response, Drake tries to fly and land the helicopter himself, but when he turns off the automatic pilot, the chopper stalls, and they end up swerving sideways. Drake quickly turns the auto pilot back on to get them out of the stall. They then get a response from the control tower. Drake tells them their problem, but as he is figuring out where they are, the radio wires are stretched too far and the radio snaps off off the control panel and falls out of the helicopter to its death. Josh then tries to call Megan, but she is talking with her friend about glowing stickers and coldly tells him to call her back in a half hour. They then hear the fuel gauge beeping loudly and realize that their fuel supply is critically low. In desperation, Drake searches the helicopter, and finds the last parachute in it and suggests that he take it and bring back help, but Josh asks him what help he could bring back and sarcastically suggests a dive team to locate his corpse at the bottom of the Pacific. Josh tells him that they should take the parachute and jump together. Drake initially refuses, because they are now above the Pacific ocean, but Josh hooks himself to Drake and they jump out. They parachute into the ocean, and have to swim two miles before being rescued and brought back to land by a tuna boat. When they get home, they inform Megan of their out-of-control helicopter flight, furious at her for hanging up on them. When she coldly asks if they brought her some tuna, they begin to chase Megan around the house until Audrey and Walter get home. Drake and Josh almost easily lie to their parents that they had fun at the water park, hoping that maybe they might be able to get away with their botched chopper flight. But then, an angry Vince arrives at their house and tells Drake and Josh what they did in front of Audrey, Walter, and Megan. Walter gets a bill and ends up getting a $400,000 lawsuit from Vince. Knowing what is coming to them, Drake and Josh sadly ground themselves for two weeks and head up to their room, leaving Walter to brood over the lawsuit.


Vince: (giving a lesson on skydiving) First you're gonna squat, pray, leap, ahhhh...
Drake: Ahhhh?
Vince: That's what you're gonna yell on the way down.
Drake: Ahh.
Vince: Ahhhh!
Drake: Ahhhh!
Vince: Then, touchdown.
Drake: Touchdown.
Vince: Yes, that's S, P, L, A, T.
Drake: That spells splat.
Vince: Oh, man!

Josh: (accidentally sprays Vince out of the helicopter)
Josh: I extinguished our pilot?
Drake: No; HE has a parachute! YOU'VE EXTINGUISHED US!

Drake: Well because if they know I'm up in this helicopter I'm going to get grounded!
Josh: Hey; if we don't get help we are going to become PART OF THE GROUND!
Drake: Can't you call the fire department?
Josh: Yeah; yeah I'm thinking they don't have a 7,000 FOOT LADDER!

Drake: It's the fuel gauge! We're on E.
Josh: Well, maybe E means extra fuel! TELL ME E MEANS EXTRA FUEL!
Drake: Dude, E means empty; we're out of fuel!
Josh: AUUGGGHHH! (gets in praying position) Dear, Savior. I'm sorry about the time I stole that piece of candy when I was eight, I'm sorry about the time I watched that pretty lady's laundry spin in the dryer. Dear, Savior--
Drake: Will you stop that? We're gonna get out of this!


  • The helicopter is called "Schneider's Helicopter" and Schneider is the last name of the creator of The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, iCarly, Zoey 101, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger & Game Shakers. There were other content found in this series as well as other DanWarp shows that have Dan's last name.
  • The aircraft is a Bell UH1N Huey.
  • This is the 2nd time Drake and Josh are sent in upstairs by being grounded. The first was The Bet.
  • Like what Megan did in The Bet when she comes back angrily in the rain, Drake and Josh came back angrily after being in the helicopter running out of fuel, and Also Vince came back angrily after being blasted out of the helicopter.
  • This is the second time Drake has dissapointed and didn't listen to his parents by doing something dangerous. The first was Dune Buggy.
  • Paramore Studios is a parody of Paramount Pictures, as well as a reference to the rock band Paramore.
  • DreamScope Productions is a reference to DreamWorks SKG.
  • Drake mentions his video game involves fighting giant red lobsters that shoot rockets. This is a reference to The Amanda Show, which commonly featured giant red lobsters.
  • Josh quotes the chorus from the Crowded House song "Don't Dream It's Over".
  • The helicopter only had 2 parachutes- it would've been standard to have one for each passenger. It may be that the helicopter crew weren't expecting Josh.


  • When Drake and Josh are in the helicopter, at certain points, you can clearly see the green screen reflected on their heads.
  • After Drake goes, "Shh, not in front of our parents," you see that Josh is about to put his towel on his neck. However, after Audrey goes, "Uh, who is it?", Josh is still holding the towel.
  • In the episode "Really Big Shrimp", The Premiere burns down, but in this episode, The Premiere is still standing and clearly unharmed. However Really Big Shrimp is set after this episode and Dance Contest. However many shows on nick are aired in production order & not by airdate. Therefore it is possible this is because of this.
  • When Walter attempts to eat the boiled water thinking it is soup, he uses a slotted spoon. But a slotted spoon has slits, so the water should've fallen out when Walter tried to eat/drink it out of the spoon.