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Season 2, Episode 2
Air date March 21, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Guitar is the second episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It aired on March 21, 2004.


Drake has a "party" to try and win tickets to see his favorite band, Zero Gravity. The 9th caller would win. Megan is the 9th caller but Drake persuades her to give him the phone. So Drake wins tickets to his favorite band's concert, Zero Gravity, and he also gets an autographed Cherry Red Fender Stratocaster signed by the lead guitarist, Devin Malone. Josh plugs it into Drake's bad amplifier to show Megan how an electric guitar works, and the guitar explodes.

Josh tries to buy a new one and get it autographed before Drake finds out. Meanwhile, Walter struggles to bond with Drake.



  • Guitar World is clearly a parody of Guitar Center.
  • Mark Matkevich guest starred in this episode as Devin Malone.
  • It is a little strange that Josh did not instantly know the name of the eighth planet, as he is generally very knowledgable.


  • When Josh starts looking for the lock in the dresser drawers, he moves the fully open door by hitting it with his arm, which leaves it ajar. Though, right before Drake enters, you can see its in it's original, fully open position.
  • If you count, it took 15 seconds for them to answer the question, not 10.

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