Girl Power
Season 3, Episode 10
Girl Power
Air date October 15, 2005
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Girl Power is the tenth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on October 15, 2005.


At the Premiere Drake is picking up yet again another new date, this time a girl named Lucy and after getting a diet Mountain Fizz and one regular Lucy points out that some idiot jerky jocks threw a french fry and it hit her in the head. After Josh tries to deal with them, and tell them not to throw french fries, they respond by tying up Josh's hands, putting a bucket of popcorn on his head, and shoving a corn dog down his pants. After getting into a confrontation with the jocks, that ends with Drake getting shoved and potentially caught off guard, Lucy gives one of the jocks a serious beating, until Helen shows up and orders them to leave before she beats them up.

Drake wants to break up with his girlfriend Lucy, after finding out that she is possibly stronger than he is, but instead, Drake challenges her to a wrestling match to prove that he is tougher than she is. Meanwhile, Josh tries to impress Mindy's parents so he can continue to date her. He invites them to his house for dinner on a Saturday night. Drake also holds his match at home on the same night.

While Josh had limited the match to upstairs, almost succeeding in convincing Mindy's parents to let them continue dating, Drake tumbles down the stairs still wrestling with Lucy, creating a mess and accidentally ruining Josh's dinner with the Crenshaws. Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw prepare to leave with their daughter in tow, but as Josh yells at Drake for ruining his efforts to impress Mindy's parents, explaining everything he did, Mr. and Mrs. Crenshaw realize how much Josh cares about Mindy, and they allow the two to continue dating.

However, after Mindy's parents learn the reason for Drake and Lucy's fight (trying to prove if men or women are tougher), Mr. Crenshaw sides with Drake while Mrs. Crenshaw sides with Lucy (telling her husband, "I've dealt with stains tougher than you!"). Mindy's parents soon start fighting the same way Drake and Lucy were.




  • From the point where Josh is getting his hair done up to the point where Drake is laughing at Josh for having his underwear on the wrong way, it's daytime outside. Then, in the next scene, it become nighttime. Then in the next scene, it's daytime again. Then, when the camera shows the outside of Mindy's house, it becomes nighttime again. Lastly, when the cameras are in the dining room, you can see outside the windows it's daytime again.
  • Drake tells Josh there's smoke in Theater 7. However, Josh grabs the fire extinguisher, and runs into Theater 4.
  • When Mindy is talking to Josh about the dinner, a woman is right next to her, but at the next shot she disappears. Then again, at the next shot, she suddenly reappears.
  • When Josh broke the glass cover for the fire extinguisher, he breaks it with his shoe but the glass does not cluster so it's not safety glass and it is required by law that all fire extinguisher covers are safety glass.
  • Josh blamed Drake for wrecking his dinner, his ice sculpture, and his relationship, but it was Lucy who pushed Drake down the stairs, kicked down the ice sculpture, and challenged Drake to the fight.


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