Galaxy Wars is a fictional movie (another term for a film) mentioned in Drake & Josh, it is also mentioned on Zoey 101 and most of Dan Schneider's other shows. Galaxy Wars also has a large role in iCarly. It is a parody of famous sci-fi movie series Star Wars

Known Films

  • Empress Strikes Back
  • Battle Of Panthatar
  • Sex battles

Known Characters, Objects, Events, and Places

  • Nug Nug
  • Princess Ablingada
  • Red Skynauts
  • Photon Cruiser
  • The Battle of Panthatar
  • The Robe of Curiosity
  • Planet Of Jubaron

Additionally the communicators from Star Trek and Luke Skywalkers and Mace Windu's lightsabers have appeared in iCarly and Drake and Josh. And Darth Vader is also mentioned in iCarly.


  • Nug Nug - A parody of Yoda and the Ewok song, "Yub Nub."
  • Princess Ablingada - A parody of Princess Leia and her mother, Queen Amidala.
  • Red Skynauts - A parody of the Stormtroopers.
  • Proton Cuiser - A possible parody of the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter,
  • An unamed male - A man who resembled Han Solo.
  • An unamed beast - An alien being that had similarities to Chewbacca.

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