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Driver's License
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date September 12, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil L. Fabian
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Driver's License is the ninth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It aired in September 12, 2004.


The duel locations of Drake and Josh shows Drake at home playing with paper airplanes while Josh is at the premiere working the ticket counter when they start talking about how being 15 was good, but they are more excited about being 16 due to being the age to get their driver's license. While Josh states he'll do responsible things, but Drake wants to do a few things with driving for his own enjoyment. It soon turns to a debate over if grapes are tiny watermelons, with Josh denying and Drake believing, they then end the segment with how they would like their license to drive. The episode starts where both Drake and Josh are studying for their driver's test, with Josh reading a book and Drake playing a video game, using a steering wheel controller, Josh complains about the volume, but Drake just turns it up, leaving Josh to just turn it down and he questions Drake that he should be studying for their driver's test, despite claiming that he is, although Josh doesn't believe that what happens in the game will actually be in the real test. Drake then gets the high score, believing he is ready, only for Josh to tell him that they are becoming men (men who drive) and offers to play a very childish game, but soon turns into a fight over who gets the purple controller. Next day when they get home from school Walter blows a whistle, they question why he did and he tells them that they failed to stop at the stop sign, they question why there is a stop sign in the living room, he says that he will help them prepare for the test, they don't want this, but he claims that he will no matter what. Walter has set up a "simulator" (2 Chairs and a hula hoop for a steering wheel), he has Josh go first and tells him that a good driver should be prepared for anything and has Megan pretend to get in the way and get run over and then die, Walter sarcastically congratulates Josh on running over his sister, only for Drake to claim that he runs her over next, so Megan gives him a wet willy. During Drake's turn Walter gives them a warning that if either of them get 1 traffic ticket he will confiscate their license, during Drake's turn Walter claims that they are driving through a peaceful valley, no clouds in the sky, the sun is about to set when a thunderstorm hits and has Megan blast them with water pistols. The next scene shows Drake and Josh at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) with Josh saluting everyone, though Drake tells him to stop, Josh reveals that he is nervous only for Drake to tell him to stay calm, as good things happen when you remain calm. Drake's instructor then comes, who turns out to be a hot instructor, though Drake claims that he remained calm and something good happened, although Josh questions why he always gets the hot ones. Josh's instructor then comes, who turns out to be a bitter and angry old woman. The next 4 scenes are between them during their tests while driving. Josh is scene trying to get on the good side of his instructor, only for her to claim her hatred for teenagers. She then sees an ambulance and questions why Josh isn't pulling over, he says that he isn't legally allowed to pull over due to driving on a divided highway, his instructor states that he is correct, but doesn't like Josh's tone. Next Drake's test where it is shown that his instructor drew the side of his head and he then hardly pulled into the drive thru of Inside-Out-Burger. Josh's test shows that his instructor is complaining about the heat, so he offers to turn the A/C on but needs to roll her window up, but he hurts her arm as her arm was on the window when he pulled it up and offers to rub it, though she angrily tells him no. Drake's test shows that he bought his instructor food and she offers him a fry, though he claims that he has to keep his hands on the wheel, so she puts a fry in his mouth. The next scene shows Josh has finished his test, though instructor tells him to not slam the door, though she makes the hints that he failed and interrupts him during his pleading that he actually passed and threatens to go get his license before she changes her mind and threatens to call the cops when he hugs her and he excitedly goes to get his license. Drake has now returned and his instructor claims that the test was the most fun she has ever been on and Drake asks where he gets his license and she claims that he doesn't, at first believing it to be a joke, until she claims that she can't pass him and he asks why, she tells him all the things he did wrong on the test (running 4 stops, 2 red lights, driving on the sidewalk, rear ending a fire truck and almost ran over an old lady in a wheelchair), though he claims that she was hogging the lane. His instructor gives him her phone number and he yells at her how much she owes him for the food, before the old lady shows up and starts chasing him for almost hitting her. Later that evening Drake is upset about not getting his license and then Megan asks for a ride, only for Drake to remind her that he didn't get his license, though she claims that she just loves Drake saying that and almost asks again but Drake tries to throw something at her. Josh then returns with the groceries that Audrey sent him to get since he can drive now. Although Drake knows that it must be great having his license, though Josh tries to deny it but breaks claiming that he can't stay away from it and offers to get pizza, because they can. The next scene shows them in the car and Drake still can't believe that he failed and Josh passed, Josh tells him that he can't get every thing by using his cool attitude and charm, but while he was telling him that he did not see that he ran a stop sign, Drake tells him this, but he denies it and doesn't believe it until a cop car is behind them and the episode goes to commercial. The cop then comes to the door and Josh frantically shouts that he did nothing, only for the cop to ask him to step out of the vehicle, Josh believes that he is being arrested and reads his rights while he gets on the ground, the cop asks for Josh to get up and states that he ran a stop sign and asks for his license and tells Josh to wait where he stands. Drake then notices dirt on Josh's shirt and he angrily claims that he has a stain stick at home and is more worried about the cop giving him a ticket and remembering Walter's warning, Drake tells him that he read about how some guy got out of a traffic ticket by faking a heart attack, though he doesn't believe that since Drake doesn't read. The cop returns and sees that Josh's record is clean and will let him go, but still has to give him a ticket for running a stop sign, he then takes Drake's word and starts faking a heart attack, but the cop can see right through it and asks Drake to give Josh the ticket when his done faking the heart attack. The next scene shows them in their room with Drake playing guitar while Josh is angry about having his license for one day and he already got a ticket, meaning that Walter will confiscate it and decides to just rip it up, but can't because its laminated, Drake claims that if Walter doesn't know about the ticket he won't confiscate it, Josh claims that he still has to pay it and Drake suggests his life savings, but Josh says he spent it on a tanning bed that never worked, Drake decides to pay it, when Josh says that Drake saved his butt, Megan comes in and asks how, but Josh lies saying that he was saying shaving his butt and she grows suspicious. Josh asks how he can repay Drake and he asks for a ride to the mall to get a new CD. The next scene shows Josh waiting in the car when Drake comes back, Josh claims he was in the mall for over an hour and reminds Drake that he said that he was just getting a CD and he confirms it and that he also got a new pair of sneakers, a set of guitar strings and a Japanese biting fish. Josh then deduces that he went to the pet store and he says that he also got Josh a squeaky chew toy, only for him to throw it out the window. While deciding to go home now, but Drake wants to go to Trevor's house as he has a wart in a jar that he was removed from his back, Josh states that they are already late and can't, but Drake threatens to tell Walter about the ticket, so Josh asks where Trevor lives and Drake tells him stop sign and Josh stomps on the brakes, only for Drake to claim that he was kidding. Drake then tries to wake up Josh and using it with his guitar and amp, he then tells Josh to drive them to get tacos, only for him to state that its 2 in the morning, Drake then claims it the "taco hour", Josh tells him to just go make some as they already have stuff in the kitchen, Drake then states that Josh should drive him since he saved his butt, Josh angrily gets up and threatens to wake their parents, but Drake threatens to tell Walter about the ticket, so Josh drives them to get tacos. The next scene is at the Premiere with Josh waiting on Drake and his date, Gavin then comes over and asks for Josh to scrape off a diaper in the bathroom, only for him to state that its his day off and he doesn't work till the following day, so Gavin decides to leave it until then. Drake then comes out and him and Josh decide to go home, only for Drake to spot another hot girl, she then turns out to be a college student and lies that he goes to a different college and asks her out, to which she accepts and expects him to drive her to dinner, only to lie again that his family has a chauffer named "Chives" and she leaves Drake her number and will see him and "Chives" the next day. Drake then goes over to Josh and he asks what is going on, only for Drake to call him "Chives", Gavin then comes out with the diaper that was stuck to the wall, much to their confusion. The next night Josh is in a chauffer suit and cap while Drake and his date are in the back, though he is annoyed that Drake made him do this and when they get to the restaurant they leave Josh in the car while they eat and don't bring him any food. When Drake and his date come back she wants a walk on the beach and Drake tells "Chives" to drive to the beach, but he refuses, claiming that he is tired and exhausted and the beach is almost a half hour drive. Drake once again threatens to tell Walter about the ticket and finally Josh has had enough and declares that he should as he is tired of Drake holding that over his head and driving him around. Finally tired of Drake calling him "Chives" and not knowing that "Chives" is a real name and climbs over into the passenger seat and states that if Drake wants to go to the beach so bad that he drive and decides that he will and climbs into the driver's seat, but before he can even make the car move the cops appear, much to Josh's delight. The cop (The same from earlier) tells Drake that he has a taillight out and asks for his license and Josh reveals that he doesn't have one (much to his date's shock) and Josh reveals that its the reason that he had to drive him around all the time, the cop now knowing that Josh was actually driving the car and he claims that he has to give Josh a ticket, Josh claims that the cop has to give him 2 tickets, the cop asks what for, Josh states that its for the faulty taillight and then for this and he attacks Drake, while Drake's date leaves the car to end the episode.



  • "Chives" is the name of a butler in The Amanda Show.
  • This episode marks the first time that Drake or Josh drives (with the exception of Dune Buggy).
  • This episode is the only one to feature Josh having his license.
  • End Credits scene shows while Josh is waiting for Drake and his date to finish dinner he gets a call from Trevor asking if Josh wants to see his wart and that he doesn't care that its still growing and to put it back in the jar.
  • The woman who played Josh's driving instructor would later play Nona on Sam & Cat.


  • In the episode, Steered Straight, Megan mentions a speeding ticket, but Josh wasn't speeding; he just ran a stop sign. She could've been referring to a different ticket.
  • Those who just recently received their drivers licenses are not allowed to drive at night, so Josh was breaking the law by doing so.
    • It is likely Josh knew this and did it anyway to avoid Drake conversing with Walter.

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