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Driver's License

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Driver's License
Season 02, Episode 09
Air date September 12, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil L. Fabian
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Driver's License is the ninth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It aired in September 12, 2004.


Drake fails to get his driver's license while Josh obtains it, though Walter swears he will confiscate their licenses if either of them get tickets after he forces them to take a pre-test. Josh obtains a traffic ticket the day he gets his driver's license after accidentally running a stop sign, and Drake pays for the ticket and doesn't tell Walter. Drake then makes Josh drive him around everywhere, threatening to tell Walter about the ticket if he does not, causing a huge fight in the end.



  • "Chives" is the name of a butler in The Amanda Show.
  • This episode marks the first time that Drake or Josh drives (with the exception of Dune Buggy).
  • This episode is the only one to feature Josh having his license.


  • While listing things about driving, Josh mentioned paying for gas as if he already paid for gas. However, he later says that he blew his entire life savings on a broken tanning bed.

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