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Dr. Phyllis Show
Season 3, Episode 20
Dr. Phylis Show
Air date April 8, 2006
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo

Eric Friedman

Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Dr. Phyllis Show is the twentieth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on April 8, 2006.


Drake and Josh have been fighting a lot lately, and Megan, getting sick of their fighting, gets them tickets to be on the Dr. Phyllis Show (an obvious parody of Dr. Phil). They discuss lots of bad things that have happened between them during the course of the show--at one point later on, Josh mentions that one of Drake's biggest flaws is his habit of taking advantage of other people, and reveals to Dr. Phyllis that Drake once dated Liza Tupper purely to make his ex-girlfriend, Tori, jealous, and Drake adds that Liza was a terrible kisser. After Drake says this, Dr. Phyllis reveals that Liza's her daughter, and proceeds to attack Drake (and Josh, for no reason at all).

When the brothers get home, they remember all the good times they've had together, but end up getting into a fight over soda after Drake accidentally got diet and demanded that Josh switch with him and Josh refused to do so.



  • Walter Nichols and Audrey Parker-Nichols were absent in this episode, though they appeared in flashbacks.
  • Dr. Phyllis is an obvious parody of Dr. Phil.
  • The episode shows no clips from Season 1.
  • Liza Tupper is mentioned for the first time since Playing the Field.
  • This is the second episode to feature clips from previous episodes, the first being Peruvian Puff Pepper.
  • Near the end of the episode, Drake and Josh claim that Dr. Phyllis only made them talk about only the bad times between but that's untrue, she specificaly said that she wanted them to talk about happier times they shared with each other before the ad break, but they just simply responded negatively without a second thought, so it's likely they forgot she said that.


  • At the beginning of this episode, Megan said that it was 11:45pm and after she gave Drake and Josh the tickets, said that they would go the next day after school. Would Audrey and Walter really let Drake and Josh stay up as late as 11:45pm on a school night?
  • If you look hard at the part when Drake is throwing his boxers around, a pair of boxers go out the window.
  • At the start of the episode when Drake is playing golf in their room, Josh said that Drake destroyed his Kindergarden diploma and that there is no proof. Drake only destroyed the frame not the diploma itself.
  • Drake might have been paying attention when Dr. Phyllis said her full name, Phyllis Tupper, but he could have also believed that she was related to different family with the last name Tupper. It's a common thing in real life: there are families with the same last name, but aren't related to each other.
  • At the end of the episode, Drake mentions how Dr. Phyliss didn't make them think of the good times they had, but just before the first commercial break, Dr. Phyllis tells them to think of happier times.
  • In the beginning of the Dr. Phyllis Show, She says her full name, which is Phyllis Tupper. However, Drake probably wasn't paying attention when she said her full name otherwise that fight at the end wouldn't have not happened at all. However, in "Playing the Field ", when asked for Liza's surname, Drake makes it up, implying he doesn't know what it is. Even if Drake was paying attention to Dr. Phyllis, the fight could have been avoided.
  • When Dr. Phyllis fights Drake and Josh on set, a man is heard off-screen yelling "Security!". It is surprising that security didn't actually arrive on set and break up the fight, although they could've arrived to break up the fight off screen.

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