General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Family & Friends
Relationships: Megan Parker (ex-girlfriend)

Monica (ex-girlfriend)
Unnamed mother

Enemies: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Other Information
Interests: Japanese candy
Cheating on girls
Series Information
First appearance: Megan's First Kiss
Last appearance: Megan's First Kiss

Corey is a character that appeared once in "Megan's First Kiss". He was Megan's boyfriend until Drake and Josh interfere with their relationship, since they were overprotective over Megan. Drake and Josh gives him another chance going out with Megan, but only if they agree to let him have Drake's alarm clock, Drake's guitar, and both of their pants so he could date Megan again. He likes giving Japanese candy to his dates. He is also a cheater, which he was found dating another girl, Monica at the same time without Megan knowing. Josh finds out about Corey cheating on Megan when Josh collects his paycheck at The Premiere from his boss Helen. When Drake and Josh tell Megan the truth about Corey, so she got mad and breaks up with him while Monica breaks up with Corey too. He is also a very good kung fu fighter, since Drake and Josh got beat up at the end, because they wanted to teach Corey a lesson for cheating on Megan.

He is portrayed by Christian Vandal.


Megan Parker - Corey and Megan were dating until Corey wanted to break up with Megan because he didn't want to date a girl who comes from a "freak-ish" family. Then Megan breaks up with Corey because Corey was cheating on her with Monica.

Drake and Josh - Corey doesn't get along with them very much since they interfere with Megan's dates twice at the Premiere, and wanted to beat up Corey.

Monica - Corey was dating Monica while Corey was dating Megan. Monica breaks up with Corey at the end of the episode, since Monica found out she was being cheated on.