Audrey Parker-Nichols
Character large 332x363 mom
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 30-31 (Unaired Pilot)
34-35 (Season 1 & 2)
36 (Season 3)
37 (Season 4)
Birthday: December 23, 1969
Height: 5'7"
Occupation(s): Unknown
Family & Friends
Family: Walter Nichols (Husband)
Mr. Parker (Ex-Husband)
Drake Parker (Son)
Megan Parker (Daughter)
Josh Nichols (Step-Son)
Friends: Megan Parker, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols
Series Information
First appearance: Unaired Pilot
Last appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
Portrayed By: Nancy Sullivan

Audrey Nancy Parker-Nichols (born Audrey Nancy Parker on December 23, 1969) is Drake and Megan's mother, Josh's step-mother and wife of Walter.

She, like Megan, upsets Walter because of her preference to Bruce Winchill, his rival weatherman. Because Walter is unable to discipline Drake and Josh, she usually has to punish the boys. Her name, rarely mentioned on the show, appears only on the webpage and when the TV captions are turned on. She, along with Walter, always believes Megan instead of Drake and Josh, even when they are telling the truth. It is unknown what her profession is or even if she works, as her job is never mentioned throughout the series. In Pilot, it starts off when Audrey and Walter become engaged and they later get married later in the series.

Personality and Traits

Audrey is shown to be a young and cool mom. She can be strict with Drake and Megan, often being disciplining Drake most of the time. Audrey can also be very devious at times, which is a trait she shares with both Drake and Megan. She can also be dumbfounded at times another trait she shares with Drake. At the end of the day, she loves Drake and Megan very much. Audrey also has a full-proof strategy on how to pick up girl. She tends to get stressed up in situations where Drake does not use his common sense or basic logic.

Relationships with Other Characters

Drake Parker

Audrey shares a deep relationship with Drake. Drake tends to lie and disobey her whenever she tells him to do something or does not allow to go somewhere. It is noted that Audrey could have given Drake tips on how to pick up girls. Audrey has a good relationship with Drake's friends often talking and chilling with them at times, as she has even danced with them at one point. Audrey also happens enjoys Drake's music. Drake also tends to reply to her with sarcastic comments.

Josh Nichols

Audrey does love Josh and it is less likely that she will get mad at him than Drake. She has helped Josh on several occasions, including giving him tips on how to pick up girls when Drake and Josh made a bet, though she didn't like the idea that Drake and Josh were using girls as points, though Josh clearly wasn't using girls for that, but rather to just prove a point to Drake that he can get dates too.

Megan Parker


Walter Nichols



  • Her real first name has never once been said on the show.
  • Audrey is the same height as Drake

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