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Alien Invasion
Season 3, Episode 19
Air date March 18, 2006
Production Code 316
Written by Steve Holland
Directed by Will Bardelli
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Alien Invasion is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on March 18, 2006.


Drake and Josh tell the viewers some pranks Megan came up with: Drake tells she had listed him in the Mexican army and gave his phone number to three hobos. Then one of the hobos call him. Josh tells she put cat litter in his shoes and dyed his underwear pink. Then he shows his pink underwear, saddened.

Megan is given a telescope, and uses Josh's laptop and Drake's jacket to protect her stuff. They get even more mad at her when she lies down on the ground and pretends the boys pushed her and get them grounded for the night, and come up with a plan to prank her.

While Megan helps Walter to do the dishes, Drake and Josh crop a spaceship from Josh's "Alien Attack II" DVD and put it on a picture of an alien spaceship from the telescope. When Megan sees it, she believes it's a real spaceship which automatically makes her shout "Mom, dad, I see a spaceship!" in such exitement..

On next, she is trying to capture aliens' voice as she saw the UFO. Josh gets a ham radio from Craig and Eric and the brothers pretend to be aliens; Megan thinks they're real.

The next evening, Audrey and Walter go to play cards and Drake and Josh are going to a concert, but Megan doesn't want to stay at home alone because of the aliens, but they left her anyway. Drake, Josh, and Denise (Mindy's third cousin) climb to their room as they need her to make their faces like aliens.

Megan is in the yard with her telescope and hears strange sounds. Drake and Josh, dressed up as aliens, scare her. As they celebrate, another alien appears and they run away. He and Megan are friends, and the alien asks for some coffee.

When Walter and Audrey are back, Walter is frightened by the alien and jumps through the living room's window.


Drake: (picks up phone) Hello?
Hobo: Can I come over to your house?
Drake: No! Leave me alone, hobo!

Josh: (holding up pink underwear) It's just not right!

Drake: (singing) Ol' cranky Josh. He's getting so cranky. So very cranky! Oh, now he's breaking things, writing a call to the Pencil Repairman!
Josh: Dude! Will you stop with the improvisational blues tune?!

Josh: (reading Drake's letter) "Please excuse Drake from doing his homework. He twisted his liver and cannot read, write, or bathe. Yours sincerely, The Doctor."

Josh: How many times do I have to tell her not touch my stuff?! Oh, I am gonna fix her wagon!
Drake: She doesn't have a wagon.
Josh: It's a figure of speech. (leaves)
Drake: (singing) Well, Ol' cranky Josh. He's fixing Megan's wagon, but not literally.
Josh: (comes back in and glares at Drake)



  • Maggie Wheeler guest starred as Mindy's third cousin, Denise.
  • This is the first episode directed by Will Bardelli.
  • The fact that Megan pulled a prank on the boys involving someone dress up as an alien to scare them, this hints that she might have found out about the boys pranking her and plotted revenge.
  • When Drake writes a fake doctor's note to avoid doing his homework, he names the doctor "Bob the Doctor". This could be a reference to Bob the Builder.


  • Before Josh tries to go into Drake's can, he is holding the DVD in his hand but afterwards, the DVD vanishes. However, Josh probably just dropped it in Drake's can.
  • Even with Megan out of the house, Drake and Josh climb through their room's window instead of using the stairs.
  • Drake and Josh want makeup to look like aliens, but they use masks making it unnecessary.

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